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Did I Ask For A Fat Girl Intervention?!

February 28, 2012

I have been on the doctor demanded diet that I have to endure for three months before I can have my weight loss surgery for about 3 weeks now and I am down a whopping five pounds. I have to admit that this is the most weight that I have lost at one time since giving birth to my youngest child almost two years ago.

The probing question on my mind right now is, “Why do people always want to give unsolicited advice when they find out that someone is ‘dieting’?” It’s infuriating! I work with the public and the venue that I am in lends itself to complete strangers sharing the most intimate details of their lives. Just today a coworker was telling me about a conversation she had with a patron who flat out asked her what a woman does to stay fresh when she is dating a man who wants to have sex 3+ times a day. So clearly, we share a lot between coworkers as well as with our patrons. That being said, I do NOT want to have everyone I come across tell me what I should do and what I should not do in order to lose weight. I am to the point that I want to scream.

If they knew anything at all, they would know that this diet is not about losing weight. It is about learning to modify one’s behavior to prepare one’s body for the upcoming changes that it is going to endure. I am reprogramming my brain to know that some foods are just not okay for me and that in the future they cannot be a part of my world. Oh Girl Scout Thin Mints, how I will miss thee…

I do not have a sign on my forehead that says “please, tell me about every person you know in your life who struggles with their weight”. Nor am I wearing a sandwich board that says, “I’m preparing for gastric bypass, please tell me all of the horror stories you know”. Yes, this is a personal journey but, I am a communicator. I enjoy conversing with people and sharing life’s experiences. So, there is no way that I am going to go on this journey and not discuss it with anyone. However, does everyone need to give me their two cents? Is it rude of me to want to scream in their well-meaning faces that I just do not freakin’ care about their coworker, neighbor, or great aunt who went through this surgery who ended up cheating the diet and now weigh more than they did pre-op? I know that misery loves company but, c’mon people! Give it up already.

It seems that almost everyone that finds out that I am determined to have this surgery wants to talk me out of it and stage some kind of reverse intervention. I have a coworker that tells me over and over again that I should not go through with this because I won’t be able to pig out at Thanksgiving. Another tells me that I am beautiful the way that I am and I shouldn’t bow down to societal pressures to change.

The bottom line is this: This is not a decision that I came to lightly and it is not something that I am going to be talked out of. This is the best decision for me and for the health goals that I wish to achieve. Perhaps I have to just be ultra blunt and tell people that I simply do not care to hear their horror story and I am not asking for their opinion. This fat girl has control of her own intervention and I happen to like it that way.


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