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The wait is almost over

September 16, 2012

The last time that I wrote I said that I would be writing more because I was probably going to be jobless the next day. Well, I was. Then I spent the next few weeks scurrying to find a new job, which I did. I started it and it turned out to be a completely joyless endeavor that was eating my soul so, this past Monday I quit. No notice…just told my supervisor what I thought of her and walked out. Was it the smartest decision I have ever made? Probably not. Do I feel free and good about it? Yes, I do. I am choosing to stay home and take care of my children for a while and focus on beginning my new life and doing it to the best of my ability.

The last steps I needed to accomplish before surgery was having some blood drawn for tests and for having an EKG performed to make sure that my body is healthy enough for surgery. I did these things on Friday and now, I wait. Thursday the 27th cannot get here fast enough for me.

I am nervous but, the excitement definitely outweighs the nervousness. I am looking forward to not needing to wear an insulin pump anymore. I am looking forward to having food be an afterthought in my life and not a focus. I am looking forward to losing more weight than I have ever lost in my life. I want to be a tattooed bombshell…the kind of woman that people can’t help but look at because not only is she intelligent, caring, and outgoing she is freakin’ hot! I want that woman to be me and I know that this surgery is going to be the impetus to getting me where I want to be and who I want to spend the rest of my life being. More to come…


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