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Holy Painkillers, Batman!

October 1, 2012

So it’s Monday…I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday and believe me, I was glad to go. I had a conversation with a resident about how a hospital is the most unrestful place on the planet. So when they told me that I could blow that popstand, I was one happy girl.

Fortunately for me, I happen to have an amazing babysitter in my life who is taking care of my children until this evening so I have had two whole days where all I needed to do was think about me and my new life without the stress of being Mommy, which is definitely a good thing. The meds that they gave me for pain are no joke. They actually have kept me from getting restful sleep because my brain is coming up with all kinds of bizarre dreams that seem to shake me away. I suggest to anyone going through this surgery that you manage your pain however you need to but, if the docs give you oxycodone…proceed with caution. That’s it. I know that this entry may not have been the most entertaining but this incredible shrinking woman is exhausted and is going to go have a nap.


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