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Day 3 of Clear Liquids

October 2, 2012

You think it will be no big deal when the nutritionist tells you have you do have a “clear liquid diet” for three full days after discharge from the hospital. I thought, “how bad can it be? Water, apple juice, chicken broth, and protein supplements. I’ll be fine.” I’ll be fine. Let’s just say that those are some famous last, loaded words. Can I be blunt? I just want to be brutally honest and let the entire cyber world hear my growling, crying stomach and say simply: I’M HUNGRY!

I have uttered those words in the past but man, I do not think that I have truly ever known what it means to be hungry and this truly puts it into perspective for me. Since I have left the hospital, I have been living on liquids that total up to 450 calories a day. That breaks down to:

1 protein powder supplement with 8 oz of water in the morning

4oz. apple juice for a snack

1 protein powder supplement with 8oz of water for lunch

1 protein powder supplement with 6oz of water for snack

1 protein powder supplement with 8oz of water for dinner

160z of water or a calorie free beverage like crystal light to “fill up” and make sure that I don’t dehydrate.
And that’s all folks. Whew. Does that make you full just reading it? No? Me either. I truly thought that I wouldn’t be hungry and I wouldn’t notice the fact that I’m not eating. I was a fool for thinking such things. Restaurant commercials in tv make my insides melt. I had to escape upstairs while the family had dinner last night because I could not bear to smell the spaghetti and meatballs (my favorite) that my children were eating. All the while I keep repeating the mantra in my head, “Nothing tastes as good as thin and healthy will feel.” I believe that, I do. However right now it is a little hard to see the forest from the trees.

I look forward to turning a corner tomorrow because I get to begin my 10 day regimen of “full liquids” which is a diet that includes the aforementioned but also can include 1% milk, light yogurt, sugar free jello and pudding, as well as sugar free popsicles. That sounds like a buffet and music to my ears right now. I know that in 3-4 days I will be back to complaining and making statements like “how much vanilla yogurt can one person eat?” but, for now I am content in thinking that the next few days are going to be MUCH better and a little less hollow in my stomach. Here’s to hoping…


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