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32 days post op

October 29, 2012

As Hurricane Sandy starts to pelt us with wind and rain, I decided to sit down and reflect a bit over the last month and all of the changes that have happened in such a short amount of time. I am totally detoxed from my caffeine addiction. I had my last coke zero the night before my surgery and I have not have one drop of a caffeinated beverage since. Some days, I really miss it. Most days however, I must admit that I do not even think about it.

I am slowly working into a “regular” food diet. Oddly enough, my dietician had said pre-op that red meat would be one last things that my body would start to accept again. That seems to be what I am eating first as far as meats are concerned. I have tried to have chicken a few times now and every time it makes me sick to the point of vomiting. I suppose that my new stomach just isn’t poultry tolerant yet. I have gotten into timing my meals with that of my children’s meals because if I didn’t, I would probably never remember to eat. I do not have that constant hunger that I had before surgery. I can have a 6oz yogurt and feel like I just attended a buffet. Not only that, that exact same yogurt can sate me for most of the day. I look up and it’s time to go to bed and I replay what I consumed in the day and I might just tick off the yogurt and a few ounces of water.

So here I sit at 237lbs. I don’t think that I have weighed this since college. It is a strange yet awesome feeling when people I have not seen in a while comment on how great I look or they start to comment on how loose fitting my clothes are. No, I am not buying new clothes any time soon. When my pants fall off as I am walking, then I will consider buying new clothes. As each day passes, I continue to help myself learn what “full” feels like and to make the best possible eating choices that I can. Some days it is very hard to do since I have small children who feel the need to eat every 3 hours or so during the day and they think a good snack at times are M&Ms. I guess these are the perils that exist in everyone’s life and as I continue my journey to becoming the incredible shrinking woman, I remind myself that nothing tastes as good as being thin and healthy will feel. Yeah, I think I am going to be alright…


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